People who think fedi is aligned with this or that ideology or is apolitical altogether aren't seeing the whole picture. Because trust me, fedi is way more than just ancoms and the politically apathetic.

Carving out a niche is fine, but don't live under the illusion that your niche is all that it is and will ever be. Perpetuating the illusion because that's what /you/ see will lead to someone else's disappointment. Everyone's viewpoint on fedi is unique and won't necessarily be shared.

@Elizafox Most instance admins oppose instances and people with opposing though. The only way you get an accurate view is to run your own instance without filters. Then express yourself and watch yourself get banned by people who don't agree with you.

Really the Fediverse is pretty broken when it comes to listening to alternative viewpoints when you really start to break things down. It's like watching Jonathan Haidt's theories played out.

@djsumdog People are messy beings with conflicting interests, news at 11


@djsumdog People disagree, get angry, fight, stop talking to each other, etc.

If this wasn't the case, there would be no war and every country would have diplomatic relations with every other one.

People aren't like that though. It's like a fractal: you look closely at the bigger picture, and you see... a miniature form of the bigger picture.

@Elizafox I know it sounds like I'm winning the state the obvious contest, but I think there's more to unpack today. I've been listening to a lot of Jonathan Haidt's stuff and I think we are at a dangerous time where westerns apply a lot of guilt by association and believe in absolutism; if person x has one controversial though, they're evil Nazis to be banned and mocked and nothing they say is valid. It's bad ideology and it polarizes people instead of opening dialogue.

@djsumdog Nah, things ain't changed. Just the visibility has. Just think of all the pointless wars humanity has had over what often amounts to nothing at all.

We just haven't advanced like we /should/.

@Elizafox @djsumdog It all makes perfect sense if you view it through certain religious contexts. It's a "hatred VS love" thing where most of the hatred seems to have infected most of the religions. When you consider hatred an infection, it makes sense that the world keeps getting worse, like a plague that people keep denying even exists. Blaming and hating on whole classes of people is a sign of diseased minds.

@Elizafox I think it's more than simple visibility. A decade ago if you only supported 6/10 of major points on the "left/progressive" that was fine .. we're all nuanced. Today you need to have 80% or else people dig into others hard. I do think in the past decade, we have suffered the loss of nuance. People are afraid of being politically homeless, so they double down in one direction or another. People are afraid to be centrists, and often centrists are labeled as being alt-left/right.

@djsumdog @Elizafox In my issue, I'm like 75-80% centrist, but have very narrowly focused issues where I'm just slightly rightist. It makes it very difficult to explain to people I'm not actually rightist. Just not so left I'm beyond the scope of the political compass.:P
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