People who think fedi is aligned with this or that ideology or is apolitical altogether aren't seeing the whole picture. Because trust me, fedi is way more than just ancoms and the politically apathetic.

Carving out a niche is fine, but don't live under the illusion that your niche is all that it is and will ever be. Perpetuating the illusion because that's what /you/ see will lead to someone else's disappointment. Everyone's viewpoint on fedi is unique and won't necessarily be shared.


I think fedi requires an open mind, or at least, tolerance for the fact that people are going to say things you aren't gonna like, that they will behave in ways you aren't used to, that some people aren't gonna be a good fit for you, and that you're gonna /need/ that block or mute button.

Otherwise, you're setting yourself up for disappointment at best, or pain at worst.

Fedi has been wonderful for me (if I didn't like it I wouldn't use it) and has literally kept me and my friends alive.

That doesn't mean it's always been smooth sailing. Or that I think that fedi is just friendly faces. Because I *know* that's not true.

@Elizafox I think that's true for interaction with people in general.

@disco A lot of people avoid interaction with people in general outside a limited group for this reason. The Internet makes it easy to be introverted. It makes it easy to find sheltered corners online.

Fedi is... perhaps not the best place to find a sheltered corner imo unless you find a whitelist instance.

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