I had a random idea for coining a word: "disableism"

I propose this be the word for when people with disabilities have ableist attitudes because they consider only their own disability and not the disability of others


This isn't a subtoot it's more of a random "painting my nails" thought

An example: the Mastodon image description feature. It's hard for users with low vision or colourblindness to use, but blind people have thrown shitfits over these complaints. That's disableism.

Another example: when someone who can't drive has the attitude of "abolish cars," not realising public transit usually requires walking farther distances, and impairs people with limited mobility or other problems with those distances. That's disableism.

Alternatively, this can be flipped on its head: people who are disabled and can drive not caring about public transit, being inconsiderate of those who can't drive.

Another example, and the most egregious:

When literally anyone ever says "oh, I have X disability and I can do Y, why can't you do Y?"


Related to the previous one:

"I have X, you have X, I can do Y, why can't you?"

Disableism. And also being small-minded.

@Elizafox sometimes that’s necessary

In fact I’d argue someone saying that is why I exist rn

When I was about 11 yo they had a snowboarder and an actress who had T1D come to the hospital where we were being seen by the dr. I asked “but you have diabetes, how can you do sports”

“You have diabetes, why do you think you can’t?”

Not having an answer to that is what made me realise that my disability does not have to define me so that sure changed my life 🤷🏼‍♀️

@Elizafox I am literally pondering seeig if i can ride a bike again, and if i can, getting a motorbike license here in NY because i ... can't get to the bus stop :V
@Elizafox the closest bus stop is literally over a mile away uphill... on a road that is a 40mph limit that people... definitely don't do 40
@Elizafox i literally think i'm safer on a motorbike than a push bike or on foot.
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