I love how there's no adequate replacement for libtool either and yet libtool is stuck so far up autotool's ass you can't fucking use it if you don't use that disastrous and slow pile of "checking for windows.h presence... no... checking for windows.h usability... no.


btw I'm gonna say it and be the only one to say it because saying this in Unix land is heresy it seems:





a lot

and I mean

a lot

autotools sucks, there has to be a better answer for "I want this portable software to run almost everywhere" because being blunt I don't consider a build system where you need a Bourne shell and m4 a very good one.


and the thousands of useless checks, none of which are relevant to my project, none of which I care about, all the constants that are never gonna change for my system (do they seriously think the build tuple is gonna fucking change‽), and no central place to cache any of them

@Elizafox cmake is pretty portable and it also tells you what percentage of files are compiled

@Elizafox *visibly using cargo* honestly, that with autotool and shit simply are the worst software tool ever made

@CobaltVelvet Yeah well I'm the last C/C++ programmer left and you'll pry it from my cold dead hands

@CobaltVelvet @Elizafox Yes was about to suggest that, rust's toolchain makes it *surprisingly* easy to do cross-platform dev, even cross-compilation is a matter of providing a build flag, no need to fool around with a zillion separate toolchains and bizarre build-systems.

@orionwl @CobaltVelvet @Elizafox same with clang. Like, literally, you just need a libc you can link to for the platform.

@awilfox @CobaltVelvet @Elizafox yes, clang is definitely an improvement in that regard compared to gcc; though you still need to manually build the dependencies apart from libc, cargo takes care of all that

@Elizafox TBF it's not like the documentation doesn't warn you of this though

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