you know that trans flag with the black stripe?

did you know that white stripe is for enbies like me?

did you know an enbyphobic trans woman on a now dead instance popularised the black stripe flag?


the black stripe erases enbies

@Elizafox What was the supposed purpose of the black stripe anyway? To erase, or was there some other stated purpose? I'm not familiar with the flag but I dislike what I'm hearing already.

@jdkendall reinforcing "there are two genders and no trans person can be enby"

an attitude that's VERY common

@Elizafox Gross. Thanks for the heads up, enby's 100% valid and sick of hearing this dichotomy garbage. Sorry to hear that there's stuff like that floating around on the fediverse, but glad we have the power to do something about it thanks to being federated.

@Elizafox @jdkendall btw this person is not actually enbyphobic but whatever the fediverse apparently has a ton of fun trashtalking her

@CobaltVelvet @jdkendall yeah ok I'm not sure how else you explain her behaviour or the things she's said 💯

@Elizafox @jdkendall there's a long bit of messy context i have to explain things but let's not

@Elizafox ive never heard of the black stripe flag, and like fuck that on so many levels

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