Have I ever mentioned invisible disability is the fucking worst? And how fucking /wrong/ people who have good intentions but no clue get it?


Try having autism. Everyone thinks you're a jerk when you're just trying to be normal.

Try having PTSD. People think you're being aggro and have no clue how to calm you down.

Try having a bum leg. You can walk, so people think you're fine, but don't realise how painful it is to walk for long periods or stand, let alone cycle.

Try having thyroid issues. You run out of energy for no god damn reason, or suddenly get energy with no idea whence it came.

This is my entire existence.

@Elizafox you're making me wonder even more if i have thyroid issues
i get hungry really fast while also not keeping on much weight and if i'm not mistaken that's a symptom of hyperthyroidism, and i also run out of breath extremely easily but that could just be me being out of shape or my asthma or something
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