Gargron, a cis male who writes the software and is known to be arrogant and self-admittedly closed-minded to ideas he didn't make

Versus noelle, *basically* the only moderator of, an unemployed trans woman, the backbone of keeping (and greater mastodon by extension) safe

I'm sorry this just doesn't seem very fair to me

One is making a decent salary for a software developer

The other is making less than they would be making at McDonald's


@orekix @Elizafox I mean, if you don't think it's fair, then support her.

I support a few people right now on Patreon and can't take on any more right now. I've submitted a patch and am working on more. I'm also working on, that's in use by students at the University of Dayton and I get $0 for that right now.

I'd like to be able to get enough support to work on it full time, but it's a lot of work to either build a following or apply for grants.

It's a good point now here's a link to the thing for people that want to donate

@Elizafox I mean that explains a great deal about why the mastodon environs/fediverse feel so welcome. Cheers for letting me know about noelle!

Also doesn't seem like a fair comparison and an attack on individuals. Solving systematic problems as an individual isn't really an option either.

Devs and mods should get equal pay, and their perceived personality shouldn't play a role in that. Just as should the people making the hardware and the content. It's not fair, but I'm not going to blame it on the workers.

#socialism #capitalism

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