Reminder if you are < 18 do not flirt with me.

Noticed some people < 18 were following me and prolly looking at lewd shit of mine and I am just being preemptive.

Not to be a jerk but those advances make me super fucking uncomfy.

I mean keep in mind I'm 27 years old here so uh, if you thought I was younger, I got some bad news for you...

@Elizafox i feel you, it's terrifying to be like "oh shit is a seventeen year old hitting on me" and the fact that not everyone has their ages clear on their bios makes it all vaguer and scarier

@zoey I wish more people would read it too and realise "hey I'm almost 30 perhaps you shouldn't be hitting on this person"

@Elizafox This is exactly why I am not lewd on fedi. There's too many young people here and it would just end up being creepy and weird.
@Elizafox The world needs a 28 > only lewd fediverse but I'm not going to be the one to make it. Too many possible legal issues if it goes wrong and being the admin would be grim af
@stolas @Elizafox we will just use `mrf_user_allowlist` to restrict to known-over-18 users only.

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