@Elizafox That'd make and incredible art exhibit. I'd hate to do the setup though. Fucking up would be a huge mess.

@Elizafox I remember very giddy and excited when I saw that the Eidos devs put this in as an easter egg in DX:HR

@radicalrobit @Elizafox omg this was my first thought when I saw the OP, Pritchard is such a nerd 😂

@Elizafox [Image description: a bunch of old CRT monitors stacked into an arch]

@nev @Elizafox Oh goddess, I laughed and I hadn't even gotten the archpun :O

@Elizafox This is why I stopped using Arch. Installation became really hard with LCDs.

@Elizafox Why do I get the feeling we have to call Richard Dean Anderson for this?

as someone who hasn't used linux before that sounds about right

@Elizafox You know you're a nerd when you examine that picture closely to see if you've ever owned any of those models...

@Elizafox boss: "What the hell are you doing?"
Dev: "code's compiling"
Boss: "oh, nevermind, carry on"

@Elizafox this is step 1 of a 53 step process for updating your mirrors.

Step 3 involves opening a stargate.

@Elizafox instructions unclear, CRT stuck in ceiling fan.

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