@kurisu When @plausocks moved here from New England by car she was like "where the hell is the city and why is there NOTHING out here?" and then when we got into town was like "wtf it takes you 30 minutes to get across town?"

@kurisu @plausocks The concept of there being nothing between towns but miles and miles of empty nothingness boggled her mind

@Elizafox @plausocks it boggles my mind. You can easily just walk between towns and villages here in the UK. You can go out on a casual cycle ride down small lanes and there's just nothing of that in the US and i'd hate it.

@kurisu @plausocks We have bike paths. You can use them. It's just it's either way too hot or way too cold for it to be viable. And things are too far apart. It only gets worse when you factor in our lousy public transit.

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@Elizafox @plausocks bike paths where? In towns? too noisy and not really enjoyable. In the countryside? Everything's so spread out you can't stop for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea stops!
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