Accessibility is like high school sex:

Everyone talks about it, nobody knows how to do it right, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, and so everyone says they're doing it


Well, by that standard, development is like high school sex too. (And considering the techbro problem, that's not really a horribly far off assessment, IMO.)

@Elizafox i read some articles recently that points out that fact honestly

and it's in a large part a lack of care, lack of proper testing with a significant target audience, excuses due to /budget/ (bullshit)

there's great articles about hiring developers to work on accessibility which could make use of those accessibility features, but those articles are just accent the sad state of capitalism, greed, and ignorance


@Elizafox I went to a seminar for accessible web design once, it was 6 hours long and they never once showed us an example of accessible web design done right. It was just an endless litany of what not to do, punctuated by examples of websites that were unusable through a screenreader.

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