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Lord Yaoi KSC @Elizafox

I'm not a security researcher, just someone who codes semipro and has done low level stuff.

Yes there are talented guys in the field but 99% of them are like a notch above script kiddie. Except they like attention and a gullible press eats it up. Sigh.

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@Elizafox The whole "let's brand this vulnerability!" is one of the most perverse outcomes of this culture IMO

@Elizafox yeah fuck those people. now anyone who copies paste stuff about tls and yells on twitter is a security experts. and i feel bad for not reading assembly as fast as python

@Elizafox This is my biggest beef with computing in general. 90% of the people I tend to interact with have no idea what a pointer is; yet, they're expected to match wits with professional hackers and somehow manage to minimize resource utilization of their Node applications running on VM instances in the cloud.