Man, I feel bad for the dude who fuzzed this. I wonder if he realises he fuzzed a well-known and fully-documented feature...

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@Elizafox :thaenkin:

what if it takes less time to fuzz it than to read the whole documentation to that point

@CobaltVelvet ... it's one page. he fuzzed it for days.

Unless he was illiterate, it would not have been faster.

@Elizafox yeah but like, it's one page over how many? i mean you need to know what to look for and where, fuzzing is usually good when you have no clue to begin with

@Elizafox and cpu references are maybe the most terrifying pdfs i've laid my eyes on

@Elizafox Not only was it fully documented, Glenn Henry actually claimed that there was a game dev that got the NDAed ALTINST docs for Nehemiah.

(I have to think it was arcade or slot machine or something, because even in 2003, that was insane to hand over those keys for a consumer application.

@Elizafox (So, I will give a degree of credit for fuzzing the actual instruction set - that was behind NDAs. But, the existence of the feature? That was fully public.)

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