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For reasons I don't understand, almost every street in downtown Tulsa is under construction.

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@Elizafox I used to live there. I can see 41st and up having this problem constantly but Downtown? Daaaang

@alice Yeah they're redoing a lot of streets because I don't know

@alice everything is under construction lately and Riverside had been closed for 3 years. "yay"

@Elizafox Whoa! Riverside is where I lived up to 2015. Crazy to think of it being closed.

@Elizafox Wasn't there like a tornado in 2016 that ripped downtown to shit? My mom was down there working when it happened. Scared me to death

@alice a derecho, and it wasn't that bad lmao, couple buildings lost their roofs, it's back to normal now

I went to school downtown at the time and it was scary but it wasn't that bad in hindsight

And yep Riverside is closed from 41st to 21st until September (the part closed for 3 years) and construction is on and off elsewhere, building a new ginormous park. The Blair Mansion is gone as is the apt complex near it.

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