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Lord Yaoi KSC @Elizafox

phones, 2011: "How can we make phones comfortable and ergonomic to hold?

phones, 2018: "How uncomfortable can we make phones to hold? Let's make them as thin as possible and with bezels so thin your thumb touches the screen just by holding it"

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@Elizafox Don't forget the fact you have to hold it a very special way, or you'll lose connection with the cell network. And don't hold it *too* hard, lest you bend it. ;)

@Elizafox CNET: We weren't paid to say this, but it's a beautiful phone. It's very powerful according to our benchmarks and opinions, which weren't influenced by how much or if we were paid to make this review.

Overall, our independent rating is 9.1/10

@Elizafox phones, 1964: "How can we make phones comfortable and ergonomic to hold? Let's make a phone that is ergonomic and as light as possible, also make the acustics work without using DSPs"

@Elizafox this is one of the reasons why buying the latest & greatest feature phones is usually a bit of a mug's game.

That, and the cost!