phones, 2011: "How can we make phones comfortable and ergonomic to hold?

phones, 2018: "How uncomfortable can we make phones to hold? Let's make them as thin as possible and with bezels so thin your thumb touches the screen just by holding it"

@Elizafox Don't forget the fact you have to hold it a very special way, or you'll lose connection with the cell network. And don't hold it *too* hard, lest you bend it. ;)

@Elizafox phones, 1964: "How can we make phones comfortable and ergonomic to hold? Let's make a phone that is ergonomic and as light as possible, also make the acustics work without using DSPs"

@Elizafox this is one of the reasons why buying the latest & greatest feature phones is usually a bit of a mug's game.

That, and the cost!

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