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Lord Yaoi KSC :sacred_chao: @Elizafox

Discord could hold a lottery to sacrifice 100,000 people to Baal every day and people would still use it. "Well they haven't sacrificed anyone I cared about yet,"

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I'd object

they need to be sacrificing to Quetzalcoatl

@CobaltVelvet @Elizafox fun fact: IRC networks sacrifice old servers to hermes :')

@Elizafox People would be arguing over Baal sacrifice speedrun strats, to make the sacrifice more efficient

@Elizafox i can never fathom why anyone would want to use this service

ive been trying to get my friends off of it since like, 2 months after we moved onto it in 2016
@Elizafox Network effect and ease of use are all most people care about.


literally put anything else in there instead of Discord and you still have a truism

100,000 people is a statistic

@sydneyfalk there would be at least some protests if CNN did it


CNN wouldn't report on them, tho, so nobody would find out


Fox News does not use the verb 'report', I believe they refer to their work as 'spewing'