I actually don't know why companies insist on asking you your gender. And I don't understand how adding a free-form gender field is something to be celebrated when the bottom line is they're still collecting shit on you they really don't need to know.

(They're probably selling your information or using it to market more bullshit at you)

My gender to a company is as relevant as my real name. None of their fucking business.

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I'm not even talking "legal" name. I'm talking like, any kind of name. They don't have to know.

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@Elizafox had some website ask for gender when I was trying to order pizza online a few months back. I got dinner elsewhere that night

@animeirl @Elizafox nice try! we all know you are a gang of antifa catfishers you even post fish
@Elizafox They probably need to to compile diversity statistics tbh

@Elizafox i personally imagine that

(1) sometimes a company might need to figure out which pronouns to use when referring to you in writing
(2) directly asking for "pronouns", while a good idea, might be confusing to some people?

@Elizafox you can make up a random freeform gender string every single time you have one of those forms in front of you. have some fun with it.

In my experience that's precisely it.
They "need" to know your gender so that they can send you gender-stereotyped ads later. :-/

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