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I don't get how like 90 years later and most Oklahomans think it's called the Boulder Dam (few people here ever acknowledged the name change at the time, because Hoover's memory was universally reviled for leaving the state to rot in the dust bowl)

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You'd think they'd like, you know, figure it out. But most people prolly know it from being told by their parents/grandparents so I get it I guess.

i feel the same way about people who think byzantium is in czechoslovakia, like, have you ever looked at a map?

@Elizafox it's also a few states away, you'd have to travel to have any practical use for referring to it correctly, and most residents of any given area don't travel far / don't travel there.

We also all pronounce Nevada and Oregon wrong, but you don't see national media fixing that one :P

@Elizafox i would have made a joke, but then i remembered that my family, as well as lots of other people, still refer to russian cities and places by their soviet names...

@Elizafox I don't even live in the US and I've never heard anything but Hoover dam. Is it not called that?

@loke It was formerly called the Boulder Dam until like... I think the 50's?