I think it's worth mentioning to people who are new to the whole open source thing, especially ones seeing RMS's truly abhorrent statements, that RMS does not represent all of our views and ethos, no matter how much some tech bros and socially maladjusted libertarians claim otherwise.

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Let me assure you, they are a dying breed and I'd say most projects don't have anyone like that. The fact anyone would claim that they represent open source/free software ethos is frankly abhorrent to me.

@Elizafox I'm curious to know what RMS has come out with now...

@daddyjones ah he continues on his whole "anti-natalism" (read: rabid opposition to having children) thing

@Elizafox as a father of 4 I'm unlikely to be keen on that! Also seems like yet another reason that he wouldn't like me - ah well! ;-p

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