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Lord Yaoi KSC :sacred_chao: @Elizafox

I find it surreal when two people talk about each other on Mastodon who know each other in the flesh. I bet other people get the same feeling when they see me doing it.

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@luciferMysticus You haven't felt anything since the incident at Gino's.

@luciferMysticus When you stole the silverware, they stole your empathy as an exchange.

@Elizafox I've felt things since then. Mostly indigestion

@Elizafox none of my followers will ever experience this, as i've never met anyone, ever, and i don't plan to

@skw Well, I actually get out and stuff so :p.

@Elizafox no, not really, seems like just another normal thing to me. (that I live with two others on the fediverse probably helps.)