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If I make you uncomfortable please tell me and we can try to work it out. No promises but I won't be a jerk.

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@Elizafox — main, shitposter, occasional "Old Woman Yells At Cloud", CW's

@Elizafox — safe decompression space

@Elizafox — untagged and possibly slightly spicy content, public space

@Elizafox — it's just a feeling and it's gonna go away in an hour

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People should realise that manifestations of personal identity don't have to fit a mould at all. Society tells us some things are male, some things are female, some are unisex, etc., and that's a crock of shit. Realising all these artificial things we put up to segregate people has made me realise how ridiculous the gender binary is and how much we link gender to sexual traits, whether or not we realise we're doing it. Even a lot of enbies live in the shadow of the binary.

@Elizafox it needs more silly gimmicks. Why not host it on the Ethereum blockchain as a dapp that uses a custom token or something

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Agender people can be trans, and if that confuses you, you have outdated ideas on identity you should really throw away cause they're old and busted.

PeerTube is neat but I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole

the webtorrent thing makes me uneasy


*taps mic*

Not all agender people are ace. This idea is a stereotype and bad assumption. When you assume you make an ass out of u and me. That's all. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

@Elizafox so uhhh, "Web Surfer Rosa?"

i'm already out of pixies puns

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