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A broken SiriusXM radio blasting NSYNC 24/7 @Elizafox@mst3k.interlinked.me

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PSA: affection always welcome!

Flirting is okay if you're actually interested in me or if I consent.

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Tech is my hobby and on and off job and asking me to CW that is utterly ridiculous tbh

It's like, half of what I post is tech shit

I just advise you not follow if you don't like tech posts tbh

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@Elizafox — main, shitposter, occasional "Old Woman Yells At Cloud", CW's

@Elizafox — safe decompression space

@Elizafox — untagged and possibly slightly spicy content, public space

@Elizafox — it's just a feeling and it's gonna go away in an hour

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Legally mandated IRS disclaimer Show more

It's like

1) Did you even ask if you could do that? I'm willing to bet you didn't. Yes, you should ask. It's polite. Maybe people don't want their shit syndicated on a platform they don't use, or they have a fedi account already.

2) Syndicating people in that manner is some bizarre form of celebrity worship imo. It also strikes me as impersonation.

3) Ever stop to think people don't want to see posts from that place?

4) Has it occurred to you that all these things /bother/ some people?

Am I the only one who finds those bots that only repost :birdsite: users whomst you can't interact with on Fedi to be ultra annoying?

@Elizafox Annoying quote RTs with just a "THIS", don't forget about those

Oh here I am my IRC dev side is showing, line length. I think of messages as lines.

I mean things like line length mismatch, cultural differences, broken threads where you only see half the participants, etc. I think are very obvious problems.

I could make a thinkpiece about how crossposters are rubbish and are primarily devices to annoy both :birdsite: and Masto users but I think I couldn't say anything that wasn't already extremely obvious.

Centuries of science and we can't make a form of estradiol that isn't gritty as fuck or stays under the tongue like it's supposed to

@kellerfuchs the main twitter -> mastodon crossposter has gotten its write access blocked by twitter yet again, meaning they REALLY don't want the crossposter to work it seems

Only works in our favor because the only crossposter users who are NOT annoying are those who heavily tailor the content their crossposter puts out to mastodon culture and even disable their crossposter sometimes.

so what if we build all of our GUIs in electron but lift "single electron theory" from physics and render all of it on like a supercomputer or something </psycho>

@Elizafox this is just so you can have your own personal oil rig, isn't it?

This is an example of Elly; a shitposting Fedi user specifically tuned for the reproduction of dank memes.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: we should convert all the CO2 in the atmosphere back into oil and pump it back into the ground.

If you're feeling down about the world just remember the term for an oil well near the end of its useful life is a "stripper."

I'm not joking.

I made that up partially but I did look at my Google Now feed to see what Google thought I cared about

Google's immutable facts about me:

sex: indeterminate
age: 35-43
occupation: the local pub I eat at a lot
home location: the cemetery 3 blocks away
favourite holiday destination: Choteau, Oklahoma
usual hotel: the Motel 8 I pass on the highway
interests: computer programming, shamanism, local supermarkets, restaurants open now, locks, pump jacks, old oil wells for sale

#litepub is intended to tame the #activitypub spec for the real world

following the #litepub guideline will ensure a robust security posture in your federated project, as well as simplify code requirements

(and you can still follow the #litepub guideline and implement JSON-LD if you really want to, but that is a clearly not required aspect.)