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@Elizafox — main, shitposter, occasional "Old Woman Yells At Cloud", CW's

@Elizafox — safe decompression space

@Elizafox — untagged and possibly slightly spicy content, public space

@Elizafox — it's just a feeling and it's gonna go away in an hour

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@Elizafox I think I want to integrate that into my language use.

@Elizafox indeed, only a monster of a measurement system would base its zero point around personal measurements of one scientist!

(afaik 0F is basically the lowest value he personally could recreate in his lab)

omg go look at it a lot about tax fraud is a shitpost right

please tell me those webtech dorks havent gone this far yet

Fahrenheit? No, Fahrenheit was the scientist, you mean Fahrenheit's /monster/.

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all this is to support my overarching thesis that if Shakespeare were alive today, his plays would be thinly-veiled bisexual Homestuck fan fiction with titles like "It Do Be That Way" and "Whomst'd've"

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Indeed: Fast food job opening!

- PhD in computer science
- 10+ years of previous work experience
- your soul

today's aesthetic: carpeted ceilings, drywall flooring, and the next cloud and the walls are lava

it does not take five guys to make a burger. no way


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Weird past reflections, trans/LGBT+ stuff Show more

Weird past reflections, trans/LGBT+ stuff Show more

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