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I'm probably not here anymore β€” you'll probably find me on @Elizafox. I will probably keep this account around as long as the instance is around. I just need a permanent break from adminship.

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The life of being a they/them consists primarily of never being called they/them by anyone but your partners, some of your friends, and people online. Maybe even a few family members if you're really lucky. Even my doctor calls me "she."

I'm so over it, I just let people call me she. I already tried fighting this battle with so many and got nowhere. Society is going to have to collectively grow the fuck up. I can't make them do that.


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I've said ill-informed, crappy, and short-sighted things in the past. I'd like to think I've grown, but man, I dislike that some of it will be forever out there, without any comment of how sorry I am for those words and how I've personally grown and evolved.

People have no way of knowing, if they don't know me, that those words don't represent my views now.

I guess that's just the price I pay for them.

Choose your words carefully. You're eternally responsible for them.

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Rules about boosting my posts:

If it ain't followers-only, it's always okay to boost!!!

If you figure out how to boost something followers-only, boost that too, although I'm probably gonna block you after I finish laughing.

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Supporting trans men/mascs and their right to have a platform not filled with (intentional or not) transphobia about their existence is a hill I'm willing to die on.

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Legally mandated IRS disclaimer 

Non-profits have to remain apolitical and so I can't even /appear/ to represent the foundation I'm president of when talking politics, so:

The views and opinions expressed by this account are those of myself and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Interlinked Foundation or any of its other members.

SCOTUS eviction good news 

SCOTUS 5-4 refused to hear emergency appeal by landlords (boo) to stop the CDC emergency ban on evictions (ya!)

I'm probably not here anymore β€” you'll probably find me on @Elizafox. I will probably keep this account around as long as the instance is around. I just need a permanent break from adminship.

It ain't always been good (neither have I, in fact I've been pretty fucked up sometimes). It's a crying shame but it was inevitable. They kicked orange man off Twitter and of course everyone took it as the signal to return.

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Watching fedi slowly fade away is sad. I've been around a long time.

UPDATE: they have three mods. One has never posted. Two haven't posted since 2020. Yeah. It's dead Jim.

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re: meta: appears to have no mods 

Anyway. It is done.

Disappointed, but not surprised. All that is built by humans is destined to turn to rubble.

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Well, I'm extremely broke! I could use some help, so I'm selling more stickers, same prices as last time, hit up my PayPal account at and include your mailing address & how I should address you!

Some of these are violent, gruesome, or just weird, so let me know if you need me to avoid certain stuff in your order

CW drawn ec

re: meta: appears to have no mods 

Now, I have heard that there's other posts (especially transphobic ones) being allowed to stay up too. Admittedly, I haven't been able to confirm because frankly I don't really want to find them, it's just hearsay. I try not to put too much stock into hearsay, as I know how twitter/a twitter clone can be, but I'm inclined to believe it from the other shit I've seen, if I may be blunt.

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re: meta: appears to have no mods 

There's three mod accounts in the about page. One of the mod accounts has no posts and the other two have no posts since 2020.

This really sucks because they're the fediverse's largest instance by a huge amount but this shit is not tolerable nor sustainable.

At this rate, fedi really is collapsing.

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meta: appears to have no mods's mods are either nonexistent or asleep at the wheel. They're allowing shit like this to stay up. They've been reported for several days and nothing is being done.

We're probably giving them the axe here. Dunno about y'all.

I'm not providing image descriptions because honestly I feel bad enough just having these in a damned post.

I do partially take it back: very low traffic roads, very quiet residential ones with room to spare, are fine for share the road. It's low-risk at that point; no one should be going faster than 25mph/40kph on them, and even that's fast for some roads. After all, kids play in the street too. But on higher traffic roads it's madness.

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The city I live in (Tulsa) has eliminated car lanes and added bike lanes (a positive step), but in a lot of spots as a cyclist you're expected to "share the road" with other traffic. Oftentimes you are "sharing" the road with traffic where the speed limit is 40-50mph (~65-80kph), and you have very small margins to get out of the way (or for them to go around).

The legal "fix" is cars are supposed to yield to you. In a country like America, that's a pretty big ask. Cyclists asking for cars to yield in America is like asking Jeff Bezos to pay his taxes like he's supposed to. To be blunt, many of us are entitled ingrates behind the wheel of a car. Anyone who's been a cyclist can tell you that. (In fairness, it does work with ways...)

Close some fucking roads and make some bike paths. Crazy concept, I know, but we kinda did it with rails to trails.

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(The merit of cars is up for debate, I have Opinionsβ„’ but I don't wanna get too deep)

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The idea you can "share the road" with a car on a bike or as a pedestrian is madness. No one in their right mind would propose we "share the rail" with trains. I don't understand why city leaders believe this is at all desirable or a substitute for true bike paths.

I'd go so far to say cars and pedestrians sharing the same grade (as in level) makes no sense at all, in the same way high speed rail and highways are grade-separated.

The Delta Variant sounds like an excellent title for a horror movie tbh.

Just called the mechanic that has my car.

They said they're waiting to get the engine heads back from the machine shop, which should be done today, and once they have the heads back, it will take 1 or 2 days to get everything put back together.

Optimistically, that'll mean having my car back tomorrow afternoon.

Pessimistically, I might not have my car back until maybe thursday.

That puts my arrival back home at thursday afternoon, at the absolute soonest, and that's only if I depart as soon as I get my car back tomorrow afternoon, drive through the night, and fly someone out to Billings to take over driving once I arrive there.


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