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flirting/being lewd with me is okay but CW it please or do it in DM

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Legally mandated IRS disclaimer 

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me before coffee: "I don't wanna work push me onto the highway so my wife can collect my life insurance and I can be free"

me an hour after coffee: "I don't wanna work fuck this time to cha cha real smooth"

I like how Owasso is a combination of owo and ass

I'm on my mandatory 6 hour break every 15 minutes on top of my 12 hour lunch cause I'm union but here have a picture of me sitting around supervising them bringing up Ami's things

(that's Ami)

(yes that's a union shitpost)

People will always have to do awful things, at least for the foreseeable future there will be menial drudge work and boring bullshit that has to get done no matter how little people want to do it, but you know, my job is especially menial drudge work and it doesn't really help anyone.

The world could do without my job. Unfortunately, I can't and I hate it.

I wouldn't mind working a full time job if I was doing something I believed in or was helping people

I hate doing menial tasks that do nothing but exchange money for stuff

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