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The life of being a they/them consists primarily of never being called they/them by anyone but your partners, some of your friends, and people online. Maybe even a few family members if you're really lucky. Even my doctor calls me "she."

I'm so over it, I just let people call me she. I already tried fighting this battle with so many and got nowhere. Society is going to have to collectively grow the fuck up. I can't make them do that.


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I've said ill-informed, crappy, and short-sighted things in the past. I'd like to think I've grown, but man, I dislike that some of it will be forever out there, without any comment of how sorry I am for those words and how I've personally grown and evolved.

People have no way of knowing, if they don't know me, that those words don't represent my views now.

I guess that's just the price I pay for them.

Choose your words carefully. You're eternally responsible for them.

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Standing offer for mutual aid (transportation), Northeastern Oklahoma 

If you need a ride, someone to talk to, someone to visit, a hug, or anything like that, feel free to ask. I can't promise I can accommodate you. If you live anywhere in Northeastern Oklahoma I can probably help you. I live in Tulsa, but I'm not afraid of a little distance so long as it's not like... a weekly thing or something.

All I ask is if you need a ride that you pitch in a few bucks for the gas. Not asking for a lot, just proportional to distance. Like if I gotta get you from Sallisaw or Heartshorne I'm obviously going to need like $5-10 in gas. But if it's just across Tulsa or something a buck or two will do.

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Rules about boosting my posts:

If it ain't followers-only, it's always okay to boost!!!

If you figure out how to boost something followers-only, boost that too, although I'm probably gonna block you after I finish laughing.

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Supporting trans men/mascs and their right to have a platform not filled with (intentional or not) transphobia about their existence is a hill I'm willing to die on.

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Legally mandated IRS disclaimer 

Non-profits have to remain apolitical and so I can't even /appear/ to represent the foundation I'm president of when talking politics, so:

The views and opinions expressed by this account are those of myself and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Interlinked Foundation or any of its other members.

lewd, mention of a sex toy, electrostim 

It seems I helped Violet discover estim was hir thing.

I should've known, they didn't call it the violet wand for no reason.


Gotta clean the violet wand electrodes... sigh.

when the supreme court of the soviet union pulls out the organ ๐Ÿ˜ณ

re: lewd, electrostim 

yeah, so it's great for foreplay :3

we do kinda feel like a nap after all that uh... sensation

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re: minor vent 

I'm just sick of tankies acting like China's this glorious place and the West is just automatically wrong about everything. Look I don't like the US government either, but even a broken clock is right twice a day (and they're right about the Uyghurs), and I sure as fuck won't anti-imperialism so hard that I become a tool of the Chinese government's imperialist and neo-colonial aims (what do you think belt and road is?).

The best part is every tankie looks at you like you just stepped off of Mars when you say that or even seriously propose it (I once did, when times were greener for me). Which you'd think for people who stan for China so much they'd jump on that but nope.

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TIL about "JAB code"

It's a patent-free, openly licensed 4-color and 8-color QR code specification. It's been submitted to ISO for standardization, which could be finalized in 2022.

re: minor vent 

I'm gonna bet I'm not gonna have any takers :3.

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minor vent 

Getting to the point with tankies who keep denying anything bad is happening with the Uyghurs where I'm about to tell them if China's so great I'll pay for their fucking plane ticket there. Well... after I get a job.

Forced Labor in Apple supply chain 

7 suppliers of parts to Apple Corporation have been tied to forced labor programs in #China, including that of #Uyghurs in Xinjiang, who have been joined by other oppressed minorities in detention camps, a recent report finds.

Sorry to infosec people out there, the ones I follow are legit, but I hope you know your field has a reputation for having a lot of cranks. It ain't for nothing.

Look at this glorious waste of a CVE number. This was filed against a piece of academic "software" (I would describe it more as a teaching aid) from 1967 whose creator went and died ages ago.

And it's a great laugh too: arbitrary code execution on a Turing machine. I mean, it's an input validation error (so certainly a bug but I'm sure they're not the first to find it), but it can lead to the tape being in an unexpected position. It would be bad except it's a damned example of a Turing machine. Did the person who submitted this understand basic computer science concepts?

I had to check if this was filed on April fool's day. Alas, it was filed on the 5th this month.

@Elizafox krusty kream is what happened 5 minutes after the incident involving my shirt due to a particular doughnut from a competing doughnut and coffee chain

lewd, out of context 

:Elizafox:โ€‹ I'm used to dark dirty holes anyway

I keep saying "krusty kream" instead of "krispy kream" and now it's stuck in my head. Worst part is that sound kinda gross.

@Elizafox well, the difference is you self-smarted by doing drugs whereas people at UCB got smarted but also did drugs

Why does cat -v exist, not the site, the fucking flag for cat.

@Elizafox Mitochondria, the powerhouse of the sonas: *excuse me wut* :blobCatFknWeird:

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