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Standing offer for mutual aid (transportation), Northeastern Oklahoma 

If you need a ride, someone to talk to, someone to visit, a hug, or anything like that, feel free to ask. I can't promise I can accommodate you. If you live anywhere in Northeastern Oklahoma I can probably help you. I live in Tulsa, but I'm not afraid of a little distance so long as it's not like... a weekly thing or something.

All I ask is if you need a ride that you pitch in a few bucks for the gas. Not asking for a lot, just proportional to distance. Like if I gotta get you from Sallisaw or Heartshorne I'm obviously going to need like $5-10 in gas. But if it's just across Tulsa or something a buck or two will do.

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Being unable to cope does not mean not believing in something.

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Please help provide meaningful descriptions of our images. We have a traumatic brain injury that makes it kinda hard to describe all but the simplest things, and it takes a lot of effort for us to come up with something that sounds meaningful.

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Rules about boosting my posts:

If it ain't followers-only, it's always okay to boost!!!

If you figure out how to boost something followers-only, boost that too, although I'm probably gonna block you after I finish laughing.

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Supporting trans men/mascs and their right to have a platform not filled with (intentional or not) transphobia about their existence is a hill I'm willing to die on.

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Methods of contacting Elly:

@Elizacat on telegram on XMPP

Meet me face to face

Send me a letter:

Elizabeth Myers
PO Box 471277
Tulsa, OK 74147
United States

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flirting/being lewd with me is okay but CW it please or do it in DM

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Legally mandated IRS disclaimer 

Non-profits have to remain apolitical and so I can't even /appear/ to represent the foundation I'm president of when talking politics, so:

The views and opinions expressed by this account are those of myself and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Interlinked Foundation or any of its other members.


Is it just us or is fedi a bit... well, vicious lately?

you know, that "ask for confirmation before boosting" option is actually something we've wanted for a while.

But badly handled confirmation dialogs in software have trained us to be dismissive of them being useful.

all i want is a job i can do from home that doesn't make blowing my head off seem like a pleasant alternative

I'm super pissed off cause I found out today Dr. Dre ain't a real doctor.

for example: "my dad died 😭" normalised would become "my dad died 😹"

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Unicode normalisation should normalise πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜ΏπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ’¦πŸ˜…πŸ˜“πŸ˜° to 😹

fedi meta 

I know some instances do have some of their own culture but they tend to be the smaller ones. Otherwise it's mostly just the same shit with a different moderator policy.

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fedi meta 

What we basically have on fedi is Twitter except with even more chaotic ad-hoc moderation that varies from instance to instance. If the only point of running an instance is to make your own rules, because you sure as hell can't maintain a thriving community very easily because that is not what Mastodon is for... what's the point?

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fedi meta 

Something fedi gets very wrong is that it tries so hard to basically be Twitter but decentralised, but it tries so hard it blows past the decentralised part and has created essentially a single unified fediverse.

Which sounds beautiful. But it's hard for an instance to have its own culture when every fedi implementation, especially Mastodon, is federation first and foremost. Its goal is to get you and your users connected to the fediverse. In this it excels, mostly, albeit with kinda shoddy mod tools. I just fear the emphasis on this has been at the expense of the ability to have any kind of significantly large subculture on an instance.

It doesn't mean the fediverse isn't good, mind, it just sort of feels like a centralised system still. I know that's the point, but, I dislike that.

Yes I tried the usual suspects, including eBay and Amazon. Nobody seems to be selling it there either...

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abortion, ppl not in Louisiana how to support 

If you can - spreading the info from the New Orleans abortion fund would be helpful or donating!

@LunaDragofelis @Elizafox our stuff is very old to be fair to it, but still, the batteries are gravid with battery gas

I know I'm barking up the wrong tree here but anyone know where I can find this Intel part? I need it for a project. I lost the one that came with my case long, long, long ago.

And of course, the third party battery I got from amazon don't fucking work so I'm stuck with the bloated battery on my N3DS which I am sure is the absolute pinnacle of safe operation.

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There is something uniquely shitty about Nintendo's batteries

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re: Erectile Dysfunction and trans femme talk 

(also yeah trans care is shit and some people actually, shocker, do not need blockers, I am fine with my T at 20, the low end of the CIS FEMALE range... I do not need it as low as fucking possible thanks)

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