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My preferred pronoun is "them/they" but you can call me "she/her" if you want.

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I remember @tipsytentacle as a friend, a cool person, who was always funny and easy to get along with. She wasn't pretentious or rude. She wasn't just another username, or random boosted status to me.

She's more than just a datapoint on the very sad graph that is trans suicide statistics.

I hope she is remembered for who she was. Not just as a number.

If you read Hacker News, I strongly recommend n-gate's Hacker News roundup that takes the community to task for their stupid ways.


The GB speakers nor sout pins were that good. /Your/ speakers aren't that good.

Now, I'm a woman who set out with @awilfox to make a cycle-accurate GB emulator

But that uh

To play sounds that high you'd need a 263khz sampling rate, and you'd probably want higher. The lowest commonly used sample rate I can think of that can do this is 352.8khz. But this is stupidly high and your ears can't hear frequencies anywhere near 131khz (although maybe weird acoustic effects could be achieved with the higher frequencies).

The Game Boy has a frequency range from 64hz to 131khz on its square wave channels.

Not explained: why

he he. funsafe math optimizations.


they're fun! :3

This is perhaps my worst joke ever and I submit myself for punishment.

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I'm gonna open a secondhand store and call it Proudhoun's Discount Goods

The slogan?

"Where property is thrift"

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Oh yeah, some numbers are slower than other numbers to crunch by a CPU (when it comes to floating point)


I asked what the DSCC wanted, and they want to influence the democratic primary.

Because of course they want to demonstrate the system is rigged.