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If I make you uncomfortable please tell me and we can try to work it out. No promises but I won't be a jerk.

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@Elizafox — main, shitposter, occasional "Old Woman Yells At Cloud", CW's

@Elizafox — safe decompression space

@Elizafox — untagged and possibly slightly spicy content, public space

@Elizafox — it's just a feeling and it's gonna go away in an hour

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I'm gonna do that slep thing I think. Tired after taking my meds.

Basically it's going to be just barely warm enough for it to be rain and it's gonna suck.

People in the UK bitch about how shit their weather is

Me from Oklahoma: wanna trade?

New Hampshire be like "don't tread on me" and Colorado be like "treading on me is one of a whole lot of kinks of mine"

A pokemon game but it's set in rural new Hampshire and the enemy team is just rednecks with homemade trump signs and "trespassers will be shot on sight" signs in the middle of nowhere

Wikipedia says it's hard to reproduce the Chorleywood bread making process on a small scale as if people really like the taste of awful British bread but want to make it at home

The Oculus Rift is great. It's such a convenient place to store dust

If you order American muffins by mistake instead of English muffins it's just a giant slab of steak

On the other hand I thought about moving to CT for like 30 seconds and the thought of it made me want to die

Alex hates beef yet moved to beef country I somehow believe this may have been a minor error on my part.

Is the Arby's gyro any good btw? Because I'm too broke to go get a legit one right now.

Fuck it another bowl of ramen and if this doesn't satiate me I'm going to commit financial seppuku and just go to Arby's and order like six of those giant ass beef sandwiches they have and eat until I stop being hungry

I think the reason I'm still hungry is because I've not eaten anything proper I suppose

I'm tempted to get more food but I've eaten like three days worth of food in a day already >_>

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