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If I make you uncomfortable please tell me and we can try to work it out. No promises but I won't be a jerk.

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@Elizafox — main, shitposter, occasional "Old Woman Yells At Cloud", CW's

@Elizafox — safe decompression space

@Elizafox — untagged and possibly slightly spicy content, public space

@Elizafox — it's just a feeling and it's gonna go away in an hour

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Most of our industry is currently based on top of a 64 bit bag on the side of a 32 bit bag on the side of a 16 bit bag on the side of an 8 bit bag on the side of a 4 bit microprocessor designed to clone logic for a dumb terminal that never got released to market.

"say 'I love myself', you have to put yourself in the right mentality, if you keep beating yourself up, you'll stay in this vicious cycle."

"so why don't you do that"


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@Elizafox for full effect glue them to your chest so it's pulling at your chest and not your back

Boost if you would eat Lady Gaga.

if you want the big tits experience, get two large melons, wrap them in a sheet, and tie that sheet around your chest with the melons in front. It's very unpleasant after a while.

big tits are actually awful in terms of comfort and already my boobs are approaching uncomfy levels

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@plausocks @Elizafox ...that explains why a mechanic friend described the contents of my former Golf TDI's engine bay as "a 5W40 bukkake", when it was going into limp mode a lot

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