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@bea It's a thing that has affected my life to such a degree (not only with 7 attempts, but others I know whov'e taken their own lives) that I want to be a positive influencer about it, not negative.

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On deep reflection, I'm not sure it's healthy to CW some of the things I'm deeply passionate about unless they are violent or disturbing or could be PTSD triggering or such. So I'm not going to anymore.

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I just want to be transparent that I don't CW food, I don't always CW politics esp political shitposts (though I try if the news is bad), and MH and suicide are definitely not going to get CW's from me anymore.

Things that a lot of people do on Masto, that I just won't, because that's how I roll.

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I remember @tipsytentacle as a friend, a cool person, who was always funny and easy to get along with. She wasn't pretentious or rude. She wasn't just another username, or random boosted status to me.

She's more than just a datapoint on the very sad graph that is trans suicide statistics.

I hope she is remembered for who she was. Not just as a number.

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# bytes 12-28: vendor name, NULL-terminated
# (for now, MearfCo)
vendor = "MearfCo".encode()[:15]
vendor += b"\0" * (16 - len(vendor))

Why on earth did I do this...

Is it normal for people with really long names to only sign using their first name? Asking for a friend.

The weird thing is...

I've been signing my last name longer than my first for obvious reasons.


I write my first name better than my last...

I can't sign my own name legibly and you know what, that's fine.

My mother works with the profoundly disabled for a living. She's actually a very compassionate woman about it.

I was talking with her yesterday about how my grandmother used to make me write lines after school when I stayed with her, because she thought my dyspraxia could be solved with practise.

My mother's reaction: "yeah, that was a total waste of time."

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(I have no other way to gauge how many there are sorry)

fave this if you're otherkin/therian ♥

fwiw a lot of my times I do v angry hot takes they are fuelled by hanger

I just realised all I've had today were a couple cheese balls and some really small wontons...

And I feel actually really ill...

tired: transhumanism
wired: transpeciesism

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I actually feel better having explained my identity to someone and not been dismissed as completely insane

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Explaining therianthropy to people is like an exercise in insisting you're not crazy even though you sound like a crazy person.