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Who do you think I am, Eliza? @Elizafox@mst3k.interlinked.me

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me: "The three B's: no bigotry, no bullshit, no buttholes. I just made that up."

everyone else: "we should codify this"

me: "Oh God it's kinda corny but fuck it"

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Legally mandated IRS disclaimer Show more

uspol, federal jobs guarantee Show more

uspol, federal jobs guarantee Show more

I have made a subtle change to something and I wonder how long it will take for people to notice.

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Ahahaha @pirogcommamike@twitter.com this meme is part of why I am afraid to build things with it lol
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Current status: Listening to Enrique Iglesias's I Like It unironically and wondering what I've done wrong with my life to lead up to this moment.

"I should get breakfast"

>looks at bank balance

>Huge Diablo voice

"I can't do that here."

The more I use iMessage on macOS the more disappointed I get

What a half baked implementation, syncing is also so latent for some reason

Steins;Gate is really just the Trolley Problem but with time travel

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Oh God I'd never heard the apocryphal story of Napoleon having a cold and saying « ma sacrée toux! » (my damned cough) being heard as « massacrez tous! » (kill them all) resulting in a crowd of protesters being killed. It's not true but it sounds true.

The worst part was my first thought was, « et pourquoi pas les deux? » which probably says something awful about me.