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Rules about boosting my posts:

If it ain't followers-only, it's always okay to boost!!!

If you figure out how to boost something followers-only, boost that too, although I'm probably gonna block you after I finish laughing.

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Supporting trans men/mascs and their right to have a platform not filled with (intentional or not) transphobia about their existence is a hill I'm willing to die on.

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Methods of contacting Elly:

@Elizacat on telegram on XMPP

Meet me face to face

Send me a letter:

Elizabeth Myers
PO Box 471277
Tulsa, OK 74147
United States

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flirting/being lewd with me is okay but CW it please or do it in DM

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Legally mandated IRS disclaimer 

someone help my skeleton hijacked some meat and now long story short I'm basically 75% water

Uh oh, now that those "extremely important workers who we are thankful for every day [though we won't pay a living wage lol]" are starting to strike for better pay and dignified working conditions during a pandemic, we're now going straight for the "what about the vulnerable people who depend on you" schtick.

"Keep in mind, that's a permanent marker, which means; it will always be a marker."

Order! I urge Members to calm down. In my experience, some Members who shout from a sedentary position also entertain the fanciful idea that they might be called to ask a question. I wish to disabuse them of that idea. The Prime Minister was heard in an atmosphere of respectful quiet. That will happen for the Leader of the Opposition as well: no ifs, no buts, no sneers, no exceptions.

today we beat up Elly because they said "nipples are just moles"

Stupid Meme, Cybersex mention 

meme, misinformation 


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