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If most of your posts are posts from a twitter crossposter we'll probably unfollow you. Just strikes us as not really being here for fedi but just seeing it as an extension of Twitter.

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Supporting trans men/mascs and their right to have a platform not filled with (intentional or not) transphobia about their existence is a hill I'm willing to die on.

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Methods of contacting Elly:

@Elizacat on telegram on XMPP

Meet me face to face

Send me a letter:

Elizabeth Myers
PO Box 471277
Tulsa, OK 74147
United States

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flirting/being lewd with me is okay but CW it please or do it in DM

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Legally mandated IRS disclaimer 

Order. ORDER!!!! The hon. Lady is entitled to ask her question without being consistently shouted at. I thought we were talking about respect in the Chamber. Try remembering thatβ€” Well, maybe the person who says, β€œWere we?” does not care about that, but most of us do, and I want to hear the hon. Lady and the response to the hon. Lady.

the Dunning-Krueger effect is what happens when you try to get Freddy to pay a bill

Asking for financial assistance :boost_ok:​ 

@Elizafox Oracle Federated Social Communication Server For Enterprise 2020

Petitioning the Unicode Consortium for a VERIFIED CHECKMARK emoji and thus absolutely ruining Twitter

our reaction to imaginary numbers was like the five stages of grieving

denial (no, these can't exist, why)

anger (who the hell thought these made up numbers were a good idea???)

bargaining (look please don't make us learn how to divide complex numbers we'll do anything)

depression (sigh, guess we have to learn this... fuck)

acceptance (oh yeah imaginary and complex numbers are rad)

This is why indigenous liberation is a unified struggle that is not confined to any set of imaginary borders dictated by settlers. It necessitates a global movement. The violence against indigenous communities is tied inextricably into the modes and apparatuses that have perpetuated climate change through Settler Colonialism and Neoliberal Capitalism.

now is the time for something radical to happen


*audience gasps*

animal genitalia shitpost 

kerbals reproduce like those pine trees that need fire to germinate, but they need rocketry accidents.

really really really really really really squick 

when the first group of people religiously cut their balls off, that was the eunuchs epoch

:Elizafox:​ to :plausocks:​ You're hot, right :violet_bat:​
:violet_bat:​ Yeah!
:Elizafox:​ Get owned by facts and logic lib
:violet_bat:​ cursed body positivity

fave this if you have a crush on us or think you do

we won't call you out on it promise will switch to and I'm not sure what ideas I have more fedi friends

about the crush question: we're very very fucking romantic and gay so it's hard to rule anything out or know anything for sure, although when we do get sure, we are VERY sure

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