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Please do not flirt with me unless you have serious intent or interest in me. I promise I won't bite if you do.

I don't want to be flirted with and then have it go nowhere, because teasing like that makes me feel super uncomfortable and it's like... what's the point?

Mild teasing is fine though, but only as an obvious shitpost or joke.

It probably goes without saying but :over18: only, or I will block you.

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femdom: wanting to be dominated by a female

wisdom: wanting to be dominated by a wizard

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@Elizafox I'm honestly not surprised, lesbian polycules are almost entirely a trans thing and most of the hetero trans girls I know are more into normative culture/monogamy/what have you.

Eventually it'll probably change

I ain't gonna hold my breath on a cis girl though

Being a trans girl is like cis woman repellent I've noticed...

The polycule I'm in is nothing but trans girls and I actually find that it's a bit strange nobody's added a (trans|cis) boy or a cis girl yet given we're all pan anyway

I wanna go to Hell

There's ample opportunities to expand my polycule

It's like reeducation through labour but not forced slavery to state companies that helps prop up an unjust authoritarian regime


this shitpost just went dark sorry

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Me: *shitposting*
@Elizafox : Nah man you're shitposting all wrong
Me: but shitposting is all I know
Eliza: Let me show you

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@Elizafox genuine follows are for nerds. I get follows from all the people who join my instance then abandon their accounts.

post thoughtful, insightful posts, get 150 follows

post garbage, memes, and reused content, get 2,000 follows

this is one fucked-up aesop

wow 2,017 followers uh

I don't know why 2,017 of you like what I post but thanks

with my posts, just assume if you don't see the padlock or envelope, that you can boost it

or hell, like I care anyway

do you think I'd post it to 2k people if I cared what you did with it?

selfie, eye contact, boost if you want that's why it's public Show more

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I'm not gonna stop my partner from dating this person, I have no right to anyway

It's like thinking about seeing that one in-law you don't hate but you really don't wanna talk to cause you don't have much in common

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lactose intolerant
lactose tolerant
lactose ally
lactose advocate

I have a potential metamour I don't really care for but I can at least sit in the same room as for a prolonged period and not want to commit seppuku so 🤷

I kinda expected this would happen someday

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