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"Anna says that mannequin is a Kardashian"

"YOU'RE a Kardashian"

"no, even accounting for my low self-esteem, I'm better looking..."

This is the ideal female body type. You may not like it, but this is what peak aesthetic looks like.


I spent a whole day off Masto a couple days ago, half accidentally, half stressing about stuff and trying to self-care by not sitting in front of a computer and obsessing about how I'm NOT DOING ENOUGH NOT DOING ENOUGH NOT DOING ENOUGH.

And I MISSED Mastodon.

I know almost any place that's big enough has some good people on it, and some good discussions somewhere, and such -- but I think I actually care about Mastodon, weirdly enough. ^_^



oh GOD

I just had a TERRIBLE idea

Malbolgian Public License: Any modification of this project requires a copy of all the text of the current license to be run through the license alterer (specified at some.friggin.url.or.other) and the result license MUST be applied, along with the generated authentication token.


"I just flew in from Brazil, and boy is my bikini area sore.

They made me get a Brazilian wax. Customs makes you do it when you come in."

São Paulo is amazing and I recommend coming here. It's not Rio de Janeiro and there's no one single tourist spot, but there's plenty to do and if you like food, you'll LOVE this place.

The only things I don't like are the weird toilets, the polluted river (-m- but then again our rivers sometimes smell this bad in America), crowded public transit (well we have that in America but they are SAVAGES here), and bad traffic (taxis can use the bus lane tho).

like the latest hot LGBT+ take I saw was "Viking witches were trans women" which is totally misleading and often untrue at best, and a fabrication and misrepresentation of the facts at worst.

Please PLEASE don't retroactively claim some group or person was LGBT+ in history when there is uncertainty in the historical account, thanks.

it just makes us look like fools (by giving ammo to our enemies), and there's plenty of documented LGBT+ folks. No need to doctor the evidence.

REMEMBER: just because you want something to be true, or because it sounds like something you want to hear, DOES NOT NECESSARILY MAKE IT TRUE.

All claims require evidence

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Bengay does not belong on your genitals

Do not put it there under any circumstances whatsoever.

@squ1rrel kicks my ass at DDR :|

That was also a mistake for me to play.

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